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Tester Reviews

Atari Tetris

Blend: 100% cotton Size 6

By Ingrid Smith

Atari Tetris and Shoalhaven Shallows are quite similar wraps; subtle differences include more texture on Atari, which is also a touch thicker.

Suits: newborn to toddlers for longer wears; preschooler for double layer carries.

Breaking in required: minimal time

Climate suitability: a light/medium weight, airy weave ensures this is suitable for summer wearing

Care: 100% cotton makes for an easy care wrap

Size 6

By Anthony Spry

Weight of child: 12kg

Carries: Front Wrap Cross Carry, Double Hammock Freshwater finish, Ruck finished with Candy Cane Chestbelt/tied Tibetan, Inside out coolest hip carry, Cristina's ruckless, and Double Hammock pond finish.

Atari Tetris as the name suggests has a captivating block-like pattern. The design lends this wrap a nice amount of grip, without making multi-layer carries difficult.

It's thin in hand with little stretch, so single shoulder carries were and little diggy if not spread and tightened properly. That said, we took some long walks with my 12kg toddler in a Double Hammock and Christina's ruckless, and she was beautifully supported throughout. Plus, the lightness was great in Perth's summer heat!

Atari Tetris was beautifully soft when it came to me, and I imagine it took very little effort to break in. There were some lovely wrap naps had by a cranky toddler in Front Wrap Cross Carry.

The lightness of Atari would make it a wonderful wrap for a newborn, and the grip that it has is forgiving on a new wrapper. It is also a good summer wrap for toddlers in multi-layer carry, both back and front. All in all, another fantastic addition to Ankalia's Elements range.

Graphic contains four images: Left top to bottom right - A selfie of a white bespectacled mum with her sleeping toddler in an ecru and green tetris patterned wrap - A close up of a the tail of an ecru and green tetris patterned wrap with a sleeping toddler on a bed in the background - A bottom shot of a green and ecru tetris patterned wrap - A torso shot of a white mum and toddler in a green and ecru tetris patterned wrap.

Image of a blonde toddler girl being worn on her dads hip. She is looking into the distance and her dad in gazing down at her.

Size 7

By Peta Ryan

Weight of child: 14kg

Carrying a toddler of 14kg in this wrap I thought I'd give it a good run. Perfect sunny beach conditions and a overtired played out toddler made for a long wear in hot weather. I thought being 100% cotton in multi layer passes would be hot to wear, but I was pleasantly surprised; not only were we comfortable, but my toddler didn't over heat either - which is a massive win for me!

I had a traveller size seven come for a play, which is my base plus 2. Size sevens are generally way too big for me, even with the loving of tails; but with Atari Tetris I found that I was glad to have the extra length to create more layers in basic carries, to hold and support both myself and my toddler for an extended period of time. The multilayers passes made for less dig on my picky shoulders and also gave the toddler a firmer support, which is something he prefers most times when we wear.

The only worry I had with Tetris Atari is the colour; although absolutely beautiful, it's a light coloured wrap - and we all know what light coloured wraps are like with toddlers! This is where the easy care 100 % cotton really eased my mind. Simple to wash, and nothing has marked it at all and none of the vibrant colour has dulled either post wash.

Image of a white woman wearing a black cap, with her white skinned toddler child on her front in a green and white patterned wrap.

Close up of a toddler in a green and white wrap, wearing a navy cap. The image is taken on an angle with water in the background.

Shoalhaven Shallows

Blend: 100% cotton

Size 6

By Lesliey Cooke

Weight of child: 12+kg

This wrap had my attention since I heard the name. Living by the ocean entire life, and spending 5 years of my life on the NSW South coast, this wrap instantly had meaning.

The design and colour is elegant yet eye catching. It's gender friendly and acts as two wraps in one with the different sides. I favoured dark side out with my toddler being a messy child! It is medium-thin in hand but puffy because of the texture from the pattern.

The wrap qualities are what really blew me away. It's marshmellow-y and soft in hand, not taking long to break in. It's moldable and supportive in multi layer carries with toddlers, but still holds up well for a quick ruck as well. The stretch that gives Shallows it's moldability, also gives some sag in single layers. That being said, it held up well with my toddler for a quick (30 min) ruck with my picky shoulders.

In a double hammock, Shallows held up for an hour and could have gone longer if my toddler didn't demand to get down! It was incredibly supportive, soft and surprisingly solid. Shallows has the perfect amount of grip and glide which is excellent for multi layer carries, or holding up to those quick wrap jobs. It also held up well with the heat because of the airy weave, but I found it is prone to pulls because of this.

Who will love this wrap: people who enjoy thinner wraps, people who enjoy multi layer carries with toddlers and lovers of geometric designs.

Who may not like this wrap: people who like thick wraps, people who like single layer carries for toddlers, people who don't like geometric designs.

Lastly, as an in-stock design... I think Shoalhaven Shallows will be an excellent addition to the in stock range. It makes a great all rounder wrap from my perspective!

Image of a chest pass in a steel blue and white geometrically patterned woven wrap. It is being worn by a white woman who's face can not be seen. The carry is a double hammock variation.

Image is a bottom shot of the same woven wrap. A white skinned blonde toddler boy can be seen in the wrap. He is on the back of an unseen woman.

Size 7 and Ring Sling

By Janine Campbell-Foo

Weight of child: 11.6kg

Carries tried: Reinforced and normal Kangaroo Carry, reinforced and normal Front Wrap Cross Carry, Front Cross Carry, Back Wrap Cross Carry.

We had the opportunity to host both a wrap in our base size 7, as well as the ring sling. And for our photos, we took the 7 with us to a dinner party and then stopped for some quick grocery shopping on the way home, so you'll see us going about our afternoon.

Thin, soft, light, airy, textured and a rich indigo colour, there's something wonderful about Shoalhaven Shallows. It also has a fair bit of stretch and bounce to it. Add to that, it also feels mouldable and breathable. This combination just made it feel really comforting to be wrapped in Shoalhaven.

Wrap: With my almost 12kg toddler, I did find that passes that seemed firm at the point of tying off did loosen after a while. So I needed to quickly tighten and tie off again to sort that out and then it was fine. Multilayer passes were a must with Ashly's weight. Reinforced Front Wrap Cross Carry, reinforced Kangaroo, Front Cross Carry and Back Wrap Cross Carry were all great, supportive carries in Shaolhaven. With a squish or smaller child, single layer carries would work really well and be super comfortable.

Ring Sling: The ring sling arrived the day I wrote this. It was fab for quick ups and felt cushy on the shoulder. Always love how ring slings show both sides of a wrap perfectly! Especially one that has contrasting sides like Shoalhaven. Like most ring slings at the moment, I wasn't totally comfortable for long wears in it but I'd totally recommend it for squishes and smaller toddlers.

Verdict (Wrap): Squish worthy? Absolutely! Toddler worthy? Multilayered passes feel more comfortable. Worth a try? Yes. Would it take long to break in? Nope! I was the second tester and it felt so soft already.

Verdict (Ring Sling): Squish worthy? Yes! Toddler worthy? If you love ring slings or are looking for quick ups with a toddler, sure! Worth a try? Yes Would it take long to break in? It's soft from the first wash.

A blue haired Eurasian mum wearing her toddler daughter on her front in a supermarket. The toddler is holding a purple balloon. The wrap is ecru and indigo with a geometric patttern.

A blue haired Eurasian mum wearing her toddler daughter on her back in a supermarket. The toddler is holding a purple balloon. The wrap is ecru and indigo with a geometric patttern.

Ring Sling

By Jenice Staff

Weight of child: 5kg

Despite visiting at a time when we had another tester and some travelling wraps to hand, Shoalhaven was often reached for while it stayed with us. My squish settled almost instantly in this ring sling because it was so wonderfully soft and easily tightened. Perfect for newborns as this wrap requires no breaking in, is quite thin in hand and low on texture. The softness after a wash and air dry was a pleasant surprise.

When tightening, the fabric passed through the rings with ease; however, I did not experience slippage like I have with other thinner, less textured ring slings in the past. I tend to wear ring slings with a flip, which meant the ecru side of Shoalhaven was predominantly visible. I usually favour the darker side of wraps but I enjoyed the light side in this instance.

This paired with the airy weave made it pleasantly cool to wear in the Brisbane heat. Shoalhaven Shallows will be loved by those who like their wraps on the thinner and less textured side.

Pros: Beautifully soft, mouldable and easy to tighten. Shoalhaven would be a brilliant beginner wrap. Cons: Thin and not overly supportive for bigger babies (may not be an issue when used as a wrap in double layers).

Image shows a white woman with her white infant daughter worn in a ring sling. The ring sling is patterned with various geometric shapes and is showing the predominantly ecru side, broken up by grey/blue.

Keep an eye out for future reviews, that will be published in upcoming Journal articles under the 'Tester Reviews' tab!

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