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Education Series #8: Up Buckle Baby Carriers

Our Education article for this issue focuses on the Up Buckle Baby Carrier. Read on to find out tips and hints on how to best utilise your Up!

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Education Series #7: Robin's Hip Carry

For this edition's education instalment, we bring you a closer look at Robin's Hip Carry. A versatile carry that utilises a base -2 to base size woven wrap, read on to get some tips and hints!

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Education Series #6: Ring slings

For the sixth instalment in our Education Series on different carries for baby carriers, we take a closer look at the ring sling. A baby carrier that can often be daunting for newer users of baby carriers, the ring sling is an extremely versatile carrier that has a gentle learning curve! Read on to learn more about the ring sling!

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Education Series #5: Front Cross Carry

For our fifth instalment in our Education Series, we take a closer look at the Front Cross Carry for a woven wrap carrier. Similar in design to the popular Front Wrap Cross Carry, the Front Cross Carry is an easy and versatile addition to your wearing toolkit! Read on to find out more about the Front Cross Carry!

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Education Series #4: Poppins Hip Carry

For the fourth instalment of our Education Series, we take a journey of learning on the Poppins Hip carry, for a woven baby carrier. This versatile and visually attractive carry is popular and suitable for children of all ages, from newborn through to toddlerhood. Read on to find out all you need to know about pretty Poppins!

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Education series #3: Kangaroo Carry

The Kangaroo Carry is a popular (if occasionally polarising!) wrap carry for a base -2 to base size wrap. Ideal for newborns through to heavier babes, it’s a great carry to learn more about as the Southern Hemisphere heads into some warmer weather! Read on to find out all you need to know about the Kangaroo Carry.

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Education Series #2: Traditional Sling Carry

The Traditional Sling Carry is one of the simplest and most effective carries to have in your baby sling toolkit. Suitable and ideal for all wearees ranging in age from newborn to toddlerhood and beyond, the Traditional Sling Carry is definitely one you should learn about! Read on for our educational look at this highly versatile sling carry.

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Education Series #1: Front Wrap Cross Carry

For the introductory article in our new education series on wrap carries, we take an in-depth look at one of the most popular beginner carries for baby wraps; the Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC). Read on to find out all you need to know about this simple and flexible carry!

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Size 9-12 base size baby wraps now available

Recently, Ankalia announced they were providing additional options for their base lengths, with sizes 9-12 now available. I chatted to Alex from Ankalia, and Candice Green, admin for the Aussie/NZ Plus Sized Babywearing Group, to find out their thoughts on extended base size lengths for wraps.

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Using a baby carrier to help your child to sleep

Using a baby carrier for your little one to get some sleep can be a veritable gift to those who are struggling in this area! This article attempts to provide encouragement for those wondering about this topic.

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Troubleshooting: Baby carrier wearing strikes

What do you do when your wearee decides they don’t want to be worn anymore? This article explores the issue of babywearing strikes, and provides some suggestions on how to move forward.

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The Beginner's Guide To Babywearing: Newborns

For this instalment of our ‘Beginner’s Guide to Babywearing’, we look at newborn babywearing. This article gives some tips and hints on wearing your newest addition, as well as some suggestions on where to look for advice. Photo by HM Butler Photography.

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This Body Wears photoshoot

On Saturday 25th of February, 26 women from across Australia came together to be part of Ankalia’s first ‘This Body Wears’ photoshoot. The photoshoot was designed to challenge perceptions of what normal motherhood looks like, and to celebrate post-baby bodies while wearing their babies. Read on to find out more about this incredible experience!

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Troubleshooting: Over tightening

Whether you’re a beginning or experienced wrapper or ring sling user, chances are you’re aware of the importance of tightening your carrier for efficient and adequate support. But it is possible to create less support, and a great deal of discomfort, through over tightening! This education article examines some of the effects of over tightening, and how to avoid them.

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Tandem Babywearing: Two birds, one stone

For our educational article this issue, we have guest writer Natalie Esguerra, who is a mum to twins and an avid tandem wearer. She shares her experience and thoughts on tandem wearing in this article.

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Troubleshooting: General tips

Whether you’re a first time babywearer or one with some experience, it’s not uncommon to come across issues with wrapping, using a ring sling, or using a soft structured carrier. For our education article this issue, we look at troubleshooting.

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Babywearing for all seasons

With the changing of the seasons from fall to winter in the Northern hemisphere, and spring to summer in the Southern, we take a look at how best to accommodate changes in weather when babywearing.

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Blending to Perfection

Ankalia has produced a wide selection of different blends across all of their ranges, and have particularly branched out into successfully experimenting with tri- and quad-blend textiles. This education article focuses on some of the different types of blends available, and what you can expect from the wrapping qualities.

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Salute to the shorty: why you should consider owning a short wrap

Sometimes the short wrap can get a bad rap! Does the thought of using a short wrap intimidate you? Concerned you won’t be able to do the carries you’re most comfortable with? This article explores the positives of owning short wraps, and why you could consider having one in your babywearing toolkit.

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Geekery 101 - With Alex Lyons

Interested in weave vs. blend? Curious about yarn? Wondering about design? This article will answer these questions and more! Alex provides us with a fascinating insight into Ankalia’s geekery - from design concept to wearing your baby!

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Attached to the hip

Following on from our articles on front and back carries is this informative look at the hip carry. Often and sadly ignored, the hip carry is incredibly versatile for all ages of wearees. Whether you use a wrap or a ring sling, a hip carry is a must have in your repertoire!

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From Front To Back; Safe tips for babywearing

Being ready for back carries is something every new babywearer looks forward to. But are you really ready? This article gives you some handy tips on when and how to safely back carry your baby!

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The brilliance of buckles

As part of our series focusing on the different types of carriers available on the market, this issue we bring you an educational look at the simple but ever popular buckle carrier.

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All about the base (size wrap)

Confused by what size wrap you should be using? Unsure what a base size is? Perplexed by the + and - you see with different carries? This article aims to take some of the bewilderment out of the base size wrap.

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Accessibility and Image Descriptions

As briefly mentioned in the news section last Issue, Ankalia are proud to be making the effort to implement image descriptions into their social media platforms. Ankalia’s IT team are hard at work to make the website as accessible as possible for those who use a screen reader when browsing the web. Our education article this fortnight is focusing on explaining this change in more detail, and why it’s an important step in inclusivity. [Cover image shows a Wordle creation in oranges, yellows, and greens, with selected words from the following article in varying sizes.]

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The renaming of the Traditional Sling Carry (TSC)

You may have seen the hashtag #TakeBackTheRebozo gaining some momentum in online babywearing groups lately. Ankalia supports the #TakeBackTheRebozo movement that has been started by people of Mesoamerican ancestry (which includes modern day Mexico and parts of Central America), who have been affected by the colonising of the word 'rebozo' in babywearing circles. [Cover image is of a Zapotec woman wrapped in a black and white rebozo featuring a traditional Oaxacan weave pattern.]

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The Resourcefulness of Ring Slings

Ring slings are often touted as being one of the best options of carrier for newborns, and beginner babywearers. Here's a closer look at these convenient and simple carriers.

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The Beginner's Guide To Babywearing: Carriers

As our babywearing community in Australia expands and broadens into more mainstream circles, it’s becoming apparent just how diverse the selections are when it comes to choosing a style of carrier. As part of our Education articles, here is a brief Beginner’s Guide to Babywearing on carriers.

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The Basics of Wrapping - Secure knots and finishes

One of the appealing features about using wraps as a carrier for babywearing is the multitude of attractive colours and designs available to purchase. Additionally, wraps are frequently referenced as having the ability to use ‘pretty’ finishes, or tie-offs, to display these beautiful pieces of fabric to their fullest potential.

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Don't forget your (N)etiquette!

Online etiquette, or ‘netiquette’, as it’s known, is an important ethical code for social interactions on the internet. Within the online babywearing community, these cultural norms of communication can become quite specific, especially in regards to the buy/sell/trade groups.

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Ticking The Boxes

The normalisation of babywearing in Western society means that more and more parents are putting a carrier on their ‘must have’ list. So how do we ensure new wearers aren’t being overwhelmed with information, and are being provided with safe advice?

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Embrace the front carry

One of the wonderful things about the practice of Babywearing is the versatility of being able to both front and back carry your child. And let's face it: after day in, day out, of doing the good ol' Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC), or buckling that SSC, it can get kind of boring. You're in the online support groups. You're in your favourite brand's chatter group. You've seen the capabilities of this Babywearing caper. You want more!

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Is it a quirk, or not a quirk? That is the question!

Most care instructions assert that any wrap or ring sling purchased in loom state directly from a manufacturer is required to be examined thoroughly for flaws, prior to washing or use. But what EXACTLY constitutes a quirk in a machine woven wrap, and when do you need to contact your manufacturer or vendor?

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Why toddler wearing is important

So, why is toddlerwearing, and even preschoolwearing, important and vital for some families, parents and caregivers to thrive?

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