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Ankalia's Village

Through their Instagram and Facebook pages there is an ever growing following of supporters, but it is the Ankalia's Facebook groups that are the epicentre of the online community. Ankalia’s village, if you will.

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Beyond Baby Carriers: Creating with fabric

For this month's Community article we hear from Pia Riley, who owns and operates "Cute As A Button by Pia and Jack" - an accessory business that specialises in creating beautiful products from wrap scrap!

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Using a baby carrier as an adult with autism

For our community article this edition, we bring you an article from one of Ankalia's community members, Dannielle Wilson. She shares her experiences as an adult with autism who uses a baby carrier to assist in her everyday needs.

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How to recycle the packaging for your baby carrier

For our community article this month, Kellie informs us how to do our bit for the environment by upcycling the packaging for our baby carriers!

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The Benefits of a Baby Carrier

Following on from the recent International Babywearing Week celebrations, we take a closer look at the multitude of benefits to be gained from utilising a baby carrier in your parenting or caregiving journey.

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The GSM of baby carriers

For our community article this edition, Alex gives us some perspective and understanding on the much talked about topic of the GSM of baby carriers. Read on to find out more!

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The Community behind the Baby Carriers

For our community article this issue, we take a more in-depth and updated look at Ankalia’s Facebook chatter group, Ankalia Embraced. Find out firsthand from Ankalia Embraced’s members how they feel about their special community.

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‘Wear All The Babies’ 2017 baby carrier conference in Brisbane

This issue, we hand the Community article reins over to one of the members of the Ankalia community, Jennifer Daluyon Tid-ang. She shares her experiences from the recent ‘Wear All The Babies’ babywearing conference with us here.

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A Dad's experience with baby carriers

For our community article this issue, I chatted to Anthony Spry who is a stay-at-home dad and avid babywearer. Anthony shares his thoughts on being a babywearing dad and using babywearing as a parenting tool. Photo credit to Dean Gurney.

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'Wear All The Babies' upcoming babywearing conference in Brisbane this July

For our community article this issue, we talk to a few members of the babywearing community who attended the babywearing conference held in Adelaide in 2015 - plus, Ankalia have FREE TICKETS to give away to the conference! Read on to find out more!

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Fixing a pull or broken thread in your baby carrier

For our community issue this fortnight, we focus on one of our community members who offers and shares her skills in baby carrier repairing issues. Meet Georgie Wheeler, the magician!

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Teaching caregivers to use a baby carrier

For our community article this issue, Kellie has written an article on teaching parents and caregivers how to use a baby carrier, from a sling meet perspective. Read on to find out her tips!

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A wrap scrap creator's story

For our community article this issue we have handed over the reins to Fiona Neely, who is the talent behind Charlie & JoJo Creations! Read on to learn about her experience as a wrap scrap creator.

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Overcoming obstacles: a disabled single mum's story

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of having contact with Eve Graham, who identifies as a disabled single mum to her 14 month old daughter. Eve shared her thoughts on babywearing as a disabled person, along with obstacles she has overcome.

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The Weight Of Wearing

This issue, we are privileged to have a guest article written by babywearer and blogger Marley Clark. She shares her thoughts on an often unspoken feeling of babywearing below.

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Selfies for Safety: How My Disability Unexpectedly Affected My Parenting

Our community article this issue is written by a member of Ankalia's community who is legally blind. She shares her experiences with babywearing here.

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When the sun sets on babywearing

As most babywearers are aware, the practice of babywearing isn’t infinite in nature. Facing the slowing down of babywearing days, or contemplating ceasing babywearing altogether, can often be a bittersweet time. This article considers what happens when your babywearing winds down, and some ways to reflect and acknowledge this special time in your parenting and caregiving relationship.

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Babywearing on your travels

One of the benefits to having babywearing in your parenting toolkit is the ways in which it assists with travelling as a family. Whether you have one child or more, babywearing can be a lifesaver when away from home! With the holiday season upon us, this article considers the ways in which babywearing can help you when travelling.

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New Lending Library Kit

For this issue’s community article, Alex shares with us some information on an exciting new initiative for babywearing groups!

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Ankalia's stance on Social Justice

Social Justice - What does it mean to Ankalia, and why is it so important we get behind those in our community who are hurting and who are fighting to have their voices heard.

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The Babywearing Journey

Whether you have a one month old or a 4 year old wearee, if you practice the art of babywearing, you are aware that these days aren't infinite! Have you considered your own babywearing journey? Here's some thoughts on mine so far...

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Babywearing and The Fourth Trimester

‘The Fourth Trimester’ is a concept developed by Dr. Harvey Karp, an American Paediatrician. His research demonstrated that the first three months of a baby’s life outside of the womb, when babies are typically extremely needy and cuddly, can be assisted through the use of babywearing. This article explores the concept, and how babywearing fits into this period of time.

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The Cultural Significance to an Indigenous Babywearer

This issue, we are thrilled to have received a piece on cultural babywearing by Christelle Barrere-Collet. Christelle is an avid babywearer, and a fierce activist for issues of inequality in the world. Here, we are privileged to read her personal feelings on babywearing.

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The Storm: Post Partum Anxiety and Depression

This issue we are proud to present an article on post partum anxiety and depression, written by blogger and babywearing educator Kristen Rickloff-Williams.

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The invaluable real life community of babywearing

Babywearing meets are usually one of the approaches, if not the first, provided to a new babywearer asking for tips and hints. ‘Do you know if there is a group that meets in your area?’ is a question frequently posed in online babywearing chatter groups. So what makes the babywearing meet the primarily suggested source of assistance for those seeking support?

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Babywearing in NAIDOC week

This fortnight, we are thrilled to have a guest writer for our Community article. Elizabeth Close is a talented Aboriginal artist, respected blogger, and experienced member of the Australian babywearing community. Here, she shares her thoughts on the importance of NAIDOC week in the Australian babywearing community. [Image is of an Aboriginal woman with red lipstick, carrying her child in a front carry. The wrap is Ankalia Nganana, a black and white wrap with square detail.]

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#ThisBodyBabywears - Babywearing and body positivity

It is perhaps a sad state of our society that such importance is placed on body image. We are constantly bombarded by the media of what makes the ‘perfect’ body, and the babywearing community, which is predominantly female in its make up, is not immune to this imagery. Photo credit to Inspired by Ellah Photography by Lisa [Cover image shows a white female with straight, short brown hair and wearing glasses, carrying her brown skinned son on her back. Her husband, an Indo Trinidadian male, is wearing a pink shirt and is behind her and their son, and has his hand on their son's back. All three are smiling and facing the left direction.]

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Your parenting toolkit: Carriers vs. Prams

As modern parents in the western world, we are spoilt for choice. Bed share or cot? Breast or formula feed? Disposable or cloth nappies? But in the 20-plus years of parenting I’ve done, I’m yet to find something in the parenting world that doesn’t become a competition between these available choices. The latest in our community - babywear or pram?

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Babywearing in Rural and Remote Communities

As part of our focus on particular areas of the babywearing community, this fortnight we take a closer look at how babywearing is utilised in rural and remote areas of Australia.

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The joys of Tandem Wearing

This fortnight, we bring you an article on tandem babywearing from Marley Clark. Marley hails from Alberta, Canada, and is mother to toddler son Hilton, and the ‘twinkalias’ - month old twins Lorne and Archer. She is an active member of the Ankalia babywearing community, and happily agreed to contribute to this issue of our on-line Journal.

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The Benefits of a baby carrier for children with disabilities

It is a well referenced fact that using a baby carrier promotes bonding between child and caregiver. It isn’t surprising therefore that children with special needs benefit from the security and bonding that using a baby carrier offers, in the same way as their more abled counterparts; and thanks to some beautiful stories shared with me by some of these children’s caregivers, I’ve recently learned so much more about what an exceptional tool a baby carrier is in the everyday lives of these families.

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Dads in the babywearing community

As babywearing continues its revival in the 21st century, more and more parents and caregivers are choosing it as a tool for their parenting toolkit. And, like all things with parenting, it’s not just the female caregivers becoming handy with this skill!

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Elizabeth Close - Aboriginal Artist

We have been working for many months with Elizabth Close, Aboriginal Artist, to bring a fresh modern design to the babywearing scene. Join us as Elizabeth gives insight into her design.

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Summer is here

Liz talks about some handy tips for wearing in the summer heat.

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